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2017 my country's bathroom products consumer analysis

by:Meizhi      2021-03-17
In 2017, the fourth survey on China's kitchen and bathroom market and consumer behavior used the Internet as a means to conduct a questionnaire survey for decoration consumers, and collected 7,000 valid samples. Based on the collected data, we analyze several aspects that affect the purchase behavior of bathroom products consumers. The main factor consumers pay attention to When consumers buy sanitary products, they will pay attention to brand awareness, product cost-effectiveness, after-sales service and so on. The survey data shows that the three factors that consumers are most concerned about are brand reputation (43.7%), concentration of sanitary products (39.7%) and satisfaction with after-sales service (37.8%). It can be seen that consumers prefer sanitary ware brands with good reputation, sufficient focus, and good service. Purchasing situation of the main bathroom material combination package In terms of purchasing the main bathroom material combination package, the most common combination for purchasing two main materials is toilet and bathroom cabinet, and the most common combination for purchasing three main materials is toilet and bathroom cabinet. , Hardware bathroom, the most common collocations for purchasing the four main materials are toilets, bathroom cabinets, basin faucets and showers. It can be seen that regardless of the purchase of 2, 3, or 4 main materials, toilets and bathroom cabinets are the main materials most commonly purchased by consumers. On the contrary, the purchase rate of bathtubs in the combination package is not high. Comparison of various bathroom product experiences and purchase methods. With the development of new retail models, consumers' purchase channels have gradually transitioned from purely offline channels to online and offline dual channels. As the data shows, for products with high standardization, such as bathroom hardware (showers, faucets), bathroom accessories (towel racks, toilet brushes, etc.), the proportion of consumers buying online is relatively high; for non-standardized products, such as Consumers are more willing to buy products such as toilets, bathroom cabinets, and shower rooms. Consumers' online shopping channels for sanitary products From the perspective of online shopping consumers' purchasing channels,, Tmall and Taobao rank among the top three, with proportions of 41.6%, 31.0%, and 30.8%, respectively, becoming mainstream platforms for online sanitary products shopping. Suning Tesco, Furniture Mall Online Mall, and Amazon followed closely behind and became important online shopping platforms for sanitary products. [Analysis of e-commerce data for bathroom products] In recent years, online shopping has developed rapidly, and online sales of bathroom products are no exception. From the data analysis of the business staff, it can be seen that in the peak decoration season from March to June and August to December, the online transaction index of bathroom products is relatively high, especially during the period from August to December, which is the golden period for online sales of bathroom products. The trading index reached the highest level in the whole year during the e-commerce promotion. According to the official data of Alibaba Group, as of 0:00 on November 12, the transaction volume of the 2017 'Tmall Double Eleven Global Carnival' broke through 168.2 billion yuan. It can be seen that e-commerce platforms have a great impact on the sales of sanitary products, which is why sanitary ware companies have entered e-commerce new retail. As the online shopping group continues to grow and become younger, the preferences of online shopping consumers also directly affect the Ru0026D and design of sanitary products. It can also be seen from the transaction data that online shopping consumers are more concerned about bathroom cabinet combinations, shower faucet sets, integrated smart toilets, bathroom hardware and other products. It can be seen that young consumer groups are more inclined to buy combinations, sets, Smart products. Summary: With the transformation of mainstream consumer groups, the post-80s and 90s consumer groups prefer environmentally friendly, smart, and customizable new sanitary products, and prefer one-stop shopping and online shopping experience, which also inspires sanitary companies Continuous upgrading, transformation, continuous innovation in products, and continuous optimization of sales models. In 2018, under the influence of favorable policies, market accumulation, consumption upgrades and other factors, the development of the sanitary ware industry will usher in new opportunities.
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