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3.22 World Water Day, the bathroom manufacturer's overall bathroom shares the responsibility of saving water with you

by:Meizhi      2021-03-17
Every year, March 22 is 'World Water DayNowadays, water shortage has risen to a global water crisis. The purpose of World Water Day is to arouse public awareness of water conservation, strengthen water resources protection, and take practical actions to make changes.

  As a water-related sanitary ware company, sanitary ware manufacturers have been paying attention to water shortages in recent years. They have carried out a series of water-saving actions and integrated water-saving concepts into product development and daily life. Practical actions encourage everyone to save water and use water scientifically.

  In an ordinary household, the water used in the bathroom accounts for more than 60%. Whether the bathroom saves water is directly related to the amount of water consumed by the entire household. The toilet is a must-have sanitary product for every family. Old-fashioned toilets use up to 9 liters of water, modern water-saving toilets use 6 liters, and more water-saving toilets use less than 6 liters, so choose water-saving toilets. The toilet is the focus of family water saving.

   It should be emphasized that water-saving toilets should not only reflect the level of water consumption figures, but also pay attention to the effect of toilet flushing. When purchasing a toilet, many consumers tend to fall into the misunderstanding that the lower the water consumption, the better, while ignoring the actual flushing effect. Many toilets advertised as super water-saving, in actual use, often have a situation that the flushing is not clean and needs to be flushed repeatedly, which instead increases the water consumption. Therefore, sanitary ware manufacturers advocate water conservation and scientific water use. Through technological improvement, while saving water, it is necessary to improve the quality of sanitary ware, and saving water is also meaningful.

  Why the toilet water-saving effect is good or bad? It is related to the toilet's sewage discharge method, structural design, pipe size, whether the inner wall of the pipe is glazed, and so on. In the building materials market with a wide range of products, the reason why sanitary ware manufacturers water-saving toilets are more popular is that the above-mentioned technical improvements not only achieve the purpose of saving water, but also enhance the toilet's better use experience. For example, the siphon-type silent flushing, the scientific water seal design to prevent odor and splash water, the buffered cover, and the high-temperature self-cleaning glaze are all improving the human bathroom civilization.

   'Water saving' is not only about the user's water bill, but also our common responsibility. Using water-saving sanitary ware, we can do it every bit in our lives. Sanitary ware manufacturers should implement the purpose of World Water Day and share the responsibility of saving water with the majority of users, and make a contribution to the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
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