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Consumers need to beware of wei yu ultra low-cost trap

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
Consumers need to watch the ultra low-cost wei yu trap network published in cleaning: 2011 - 11 - 07 to some extent, sanitary ware with noble quality mostly become 'fine act the role of material in the household building materials market. In the market now, however, under the condition of bad environment, sanitary and dealers have been on sale, with low couldn't be 'ultra-low discount, or attached to the dazzling' package ', mark with the words' set limit to snap up, open a wave 'ultra low-cost storm'. While many consumers because of the illusory made foolish, buy it, afraid of be deceived; Don't buy it, again afraid really miss the chance. Conformity according to the personage inside course of study to analysis, sanitary and bath ware for sanitary function, consumer demand not only has the function of its health and clean, also requires a set of health care function, appreciate the function, technology and entertainment in one body. Look from the consumption trend of the consumer, to species diversity in sanitary ware industry development. But the survey found, both design style and function, the selling point, on the market, different brand of sanitary ware products price gap is quite different. In the interview, the personage inside course of study says, despite the world's top ten sanitary ware brands have entered China, but the pure imported ceramic sanitary ware in the entire history of the Chinese market share is less than 5%. Some unknown 'international brands, is only registered abroad, some manufacturers in the country in domestic production, and then to foreign packaging, returned home sales when they play with' blue blood. Even the state-owned brand, manufacturer of sanitary ware also increased many times over the 10 years ago, but there is a huge difference in price, quality is uneven nature inevitably. When the author visited the market found that under the profit-driven, some merchants that defend bath when it comes to sales will first class as a classy article, and as an ordinary consumer, only on the surface is can't see the difference between the high-class products and first class. The personage inside course of study Chen said, even if is a connoisseur, and only rely on detecting instrument, or after a period of time after use, can distinguish authenticity. Some dealers is to use consumer information channel is not well informed, shoddy, cheat consumer. Fishy behind the low price in the market to turn a circle, the author found that 6 fold, 5 fold, 4. 5 fold, common in most sanitary ware at a discount on the market, the lowest even to 2 discount. Businesses really willing to bloodletting loss-leader? In a store in the building materials market nature, a salesman told me that the store is 3 discount sales, because these are sample processing, and that there are many defects; Another shop salesman said at a discount of the product have already stop production, sales, only for old-fashioned style of products. The author also found that just listed some of the new products are at a discount, to this, a shopkeeper told him the truth: 'now to buy something who also will be subject to price, have to bargain. In order to break even or earn points, we have to fold on the price a little, the customer will not is such a psychological price. 'I see, in addition to various playing at a discount, and the outright reserve, namely the original product of thousands of yuan, now only sell 200 yuan, the price also selling only a few yuan of nearly one thousand yuan. Faced with such very low prices, consumers can not move? The personage inside course of study Mr Huang reminds, when buying a ultra low-cost product that defend bath, just stretched out his hand and touched to drain the lining, and it can be easily found problems: port no enamel on the wall. Accordingly, when consumer choose and buy in addition to price, also look at quality, the caution is wonderful. Product price difference is too big reason Mr Lu of the personage inside course of study thinks, wei yu product price difference is so big, is associated with the following aspects. It is material, ceramic products of quality and cost is the main reason for the price. Flush toilets, for example, the quality of the products can be from two aspects of internal quality and external quality. Inner quality refers to the ceramic formula is reasonable, whether the fire craft, bibulous rate is high and the finished product higher; The external quality is made visible to the eye. Such as appearance modelling design, product performance, surface finish, etc. ; The second is functional technical content. A good sanitary ware products, must be able to have more complete functions, can satisfy the modern way of life, and a higher level of demand; Then there is a variety of design styles and life interest. The bathroom products with good brand effect, with the ordinary sanitary products of a few dozen yuan a comparison, both price and quality, must have quite a big difference. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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