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Customers visit Meizhi ceramics factory

Customers visit Meizhi ceramics factory


Chaoan Meizhi Ceramics Co., Limited

Today, we hosted two customers from Europe.

They learned about the MEIZHI ceramics factory from our website and are interested in our cooperation. After a month of online communication, they decided to visit our factory.

They first visited the production workshop of our toilets and wash basins, and they were very satisfied with the scale of the factory and the quality of the products. Later in our showroom, they also checked the quality of the wash basin and bathroom cabinet and expressed their preference.

Finally, after a discussion of the model and price of the order, they decided on the order for 5*40HQ containers.

We are very pleased that our sanitary ware quality and service will satisfy our customers and we will also control the quality and ensure that orers are completed within the delivery period.

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