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High-end brand ambry bullish 'homes' industry group

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
High-end brand ambry bullish 'homes' industry group alliance published in wei yu: 2011 - 11 - 07 and wei yu of form a complete set of cabinets, kitchen appliances, wardrobe, bathroom and other related industries, is exhibiting the development trend of cooperation as a whole. The ambry manufacturer began planning integrated household group, active response to the oncoming 'everybody in the industry development trend. 'people consumption idea of a significant change, that is, from pure practical consumption to grade transition, integral ambry is popular, is that it will be messy, wet before the kitchen bright and beautiful, the' homes' the rise of the concept, China building decoration association committee chairman yao liangsong hutch engineering analysis, 'the people household decorates a whole style, or contracted, classical or modern, therefore, household industry integration is the trend of The Times' as we have learned, JunGongLiang each year the basic construction of our country has 1. 2 billion square meters, over the next five years, hutch defends industry will have only 200 billion of the market. At the same time, China's urban residents integral kitchen ownership is only 2%, Europe and the United States and the residents of integral hutch defends ownership economy developed countries there are big gaps when compared with nearly 100%. The personage inside course of study thinks, the rise of the tide, to a certain extent can improve people's understanding of integral kitchen, to speed up the popularization of integral ambry. However, from another point of view, this will test on the formation of a enterprise's ability to operate, ambry enterprise must have a strong ability of resource integration, can adapt to the development. It is understood that since the end of last year, the ambry, wrigley bathroom floor, macro resistance has been formed a 'home eight pieces of brand alliance, through interactive marketing and other means, provides a new model for household enterprises closely. Think, the ambry in the short term, strengthen the consumption trend of the precision and is essential to the ambry product design direction, strengthen cooperation with relevant enterprises is a good way, such as strengthening the team communication, research and development cooperation, joint marketing, etc. ; In the long run, doing moderate related diversification, can enhance enterprises' homes' developing trend in the voice. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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