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How much is the implement the pipe size

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
Sit implement, the technical characteristics in the existing implement the s-shaped trap top open, install a cleaning the bolt, the cleaning bolt is made up of inspection and cleaning the bolt gun mouth, check the mouth is embedded in a s-shaped trap upper reserved on the mouth, clean the bolt gun for tools used to remove siltation. Sit implement, when used in the human body sitting for the characteristics of the implement of the wash way is divided into straight strong pattern, siphon ( Siphon is divided into jet siphon type, spiral siphon type) 。 How much is that implement the pipe size? ? How much do you know about it? Chaozhou ceramics co. , LTD. Is the author of this problem today to to popularize the knowledge about you, hope to help you. 1. Implement the pipe size is crucial to the choose and buy of sit implement, implement the pipe size, generally speaking, there are 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm. Select the appropriate toilet should choose the appropriate sewer pipe size. When choosing toilet, ceramic tile, if ready to decorate must go after the ceramic tile in a measurement from the pit, can appear otherwise closestool buys, not problems, regular reserve net toilet metope: 300 mm away from wall, behind the side for not less than 500 mm. ( Sit feces has pitch - generally has the following common specifications - 200220280300320350毫米) Conventional reserve net metope crouch 650 - from behind the wall - - - 700mm,( Beyond the flushing tube is a little short, need to take long) The side for not less than 450 mm. 2. Implement before installation must first understand the bathroom down-flow pipe size, pipe sewer pipe specification is usually 75 dn and 90 dn, is mainly refers to the outer diameter specifications. If the diameter is MMPVC - 90 The U tube is 90 PVC pipes. PVC - if your toilet U tube and drainage cast iron pipe is linked together, then choose the drainage pipe specifications should be DN75 lock. In pipeline technology can not directly to the outer diameter dn90mm PVC - U tube called is 75, that is inappropriate, is also very wrong thing, 'she said. In general and toilet connected to a drain should be dn110mm, if you use dn70mm, or dn90mm are not suitable. This standard is not hard, of course, modern decorate toilet use PVC inner diameter 110 tubes. 3. Drainage under the wall of the toilet drain away from the standard should be equal to or slightly less than the wall of toilet drains, drainage way of toilet drain away from the earth after the interval should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the toilet drain. Chaozhou ceramics co. , LTD is a professional research and development, production and sales, high profile in the ceramic sanitary ware companies. Company's main products: squat toilet, toilet, toilet, urinal, basin series sanitary ware products such as the post. Chaozhou ceramics co. , LTD in line with 'honesty, integrity, unity, cooperation, innovation' the spirit of the patronage and sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to join in. In order to beautiful tomorrow, people-oriented, depending on the customer as the emperor who will continue to improve and enhance the level of the quality of the products and adhere to the 'innovation, superior quality, high efficiency' service tenet, hope hand in hand to advance together with our friends, create brilliant. You in choosing a company must choose credit quality guaranteed company, we are a business for many years, company with many years of experience, so if you have need may wish to contact us, believe that is a good choice. This article url: news / 591. HTML keywords: sit implement, implement price, sit implement manufacturers
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