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How to join the bathroom in 2020? Full assistance from the headquarters of the sanitary ware manufacturer

by:Meizhi      2021-03-17
How to join the bathroom? With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing demand for high-quality sanitary wares, joining sanitary wares in 2020 has become a very good entrepreneurial project. In the past year, sanitary ware manufacturers have added more than 100 franchisees, leading the industry in development speed. So how to join the bathroom? what should I be careful of? This article will give you a detailed introduction. The first step: do a good job in positioning how to join the bathroom? First of all, you must do a good job of market positioning, that is, who your target customers are and who you are going to do business with. There is no doubt that the mainstream group of people who are renovating now is born in the 1980s, so choosing the young consumer market has a broader prospect for the future market. Step 2: Choose a good brand. With a clear target customer group positioning, you must choose a good brand, because each brand will have its own product advantages. What brand of sanitary ware joins? Some are aimed at the mass market, some are only aimed at the rural market, and some are aimed at the villa market and so on. The sanitary ware manufacturer is recognized by franchisees because of product design differentiation, which is mainly aimed at the needs of young consumers. The third step: After the location of the store has a clear positioning, you can start looking for a store. The location of the store is very critical. There is an important principle for the location, that is, the same positioning principle. You open a bathroom store, and other building materials such as tiles in your surroundings or the same market must be positioned in the same position as you. The fourth step: how to join the store decoration bathroom? Store decoration is a major concern for franchisees. Generally speaking, brand bathroom manufacturers will provide store decoration design. For store decoration, the headquarters of the sanitary ware manufacturer provides one-stop services such as free design, guidance on decoration, and assistance in loading samples. After the store is decorated, the manufacturer will be subsidized. Step 5: Forming a team. Many franchisees started as mom-and-pop stores, but now it is difficult to wait for customers in the store. Franchisees can recruit excellent store managers and implement the store manager responsibility system. The bosses themselves can have more energy for channel development. The boss is in charge of the outside and the store manager is in charge, and constantly improves the team. Step 6: Opening activities The new store opens. The sanitary ware manufacturer’s headquarters will have a helping team to assist, and the headquarters will provide planning plans for opening activities, personnel training, material design, and promotional product support. Doing the above six steps is still the basic work. How to join the bathroom, from the opening to the later sales of the store, is actually just the beginning. The sanitary ware manufacturer has 9 sales branches and more than 30 directly-operated franchise stores across the country. The experience summarized in the operation of terminal stores can be copied to franchise stores, provide full assistance to franchisees, and allow franchisees to grow rapidly. How to join the bathroom? Leave a message online, welcome to ask us for detailed information, the investment manager will provide you with consultation, so that you can avoid detours.
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