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Inax 500000 toilet for gaining consumer dispute that defend bath

by:Meizhi      2020-12-29
Inax 500000 toilet for gaining consumer dispute that defend bath sanitary ware published in: 2011 - 10 - 29 recently, the author inadvertently found in building materials stores around nanjing, sanitary and galleries in the stores, many toilet at first glance is no different from the appearance, but the price is far. Meantime, the authors found a inax. Gonow GC - R115S - C/DOLD intelligent toilet is produced in Japan for 500000, for the price compared to other domestic brands of smart dozens of times higher than that of the toilet. Why are same ceramic toilet, there is much difference price? Difference behind the main difference and where exactly? The author to visit local about household sells the field investigation. Surprise: imported luxury goods & ne; High utility ratio of the author randomly found two same as ordinary toilet compares first-line brand. A for kohler models for K - rui fu fission 17178 fs - O the ordinary toilet, another for American standard models for CP - fission 2787/2788 of the common toilet. First of all, from the function for ordinary toilet with single function; Secondly from the origin, the beauty of mark it produced in guangdong and kohler produced in chaozhou, surprised is the producer of the adjacent two places, kohler miss sales, but many times to introduce the author it is imported; In addition, the price level, the target of this toilet priced at 2062 yuan, kohler it sells for 7160 yuan, the difference between the price of more than 5000, while the latter only line feeling slightly better in appearance. Confused: high-end? Low end? Different consumers view for the consumer, buying closestool, the most value is the prices of goods and price, this is beyond doubt. But when faced with choose import and originated from the toilet, high low-end consumer. To this, the real estate 365 JuWang authors express the wei yu that recent activities, from a few of the owner that decorates is asked to clean the toilet consumption view. From baixia Ms. Sun said their toilet from 2002 spent 300 yuan buying closestool, until now there was no problem, and quite durable, and so on sanitary ware choose first durable, it is good to excellent quality and reasonable price. 'import toilet and compared with domestic, quality must be good, the price is high, naturally I always firmly believe that the best price for best goods. But, at the time of shopping, I would choose to shop around 'rational consumption, ms wu has expressed jianye district. With different opinion of gulou, said wang, who was the domestic production of the toilet at the levels of production process with abroad basically also does not have too big difference, but relatively high brand can meet more Chinese people face saving psychology. 'entrance brand has a long history, can only can only feel in their daily lives. 'Mr From jiangning OuDeWang said. Industry: high-end consumption concept and the status symbol for the problem of consumer confusion, the author visited huasheng bathroom, nine animal husbandry sanitary ware and anwar bathroom three domestic second-tier brands businessmen. They all said, imports toilet with homebred closestool on the difference is not big, relatively more imports is a symbol of the identity and status. Huasheng wei yu, general manager of ZhangHui said, a lot of famous wei yu brand in China have generation processing, import toilet is just a symbol of the identity and status, chapter always suggest consumer when buy for rational purchasing according to individual demand. Nine animal husbandry sanitary ware of the planning department manager wang also said that nine grazing on the production process and technical level compared with ToTo neck and neck, compared with foreign brands and domestic a line brand, on the craft level of ceramic and glaze firing temperature is similar, only import the toilet in the firing process pay attention to appearance, so increasing the difficulty of the production process, the price increase. In addition, she thinks that both the biggest difference is that the value of the quality of the brand marketing and consumer acceptance. 'whether domestic or imported a toilet, no difference on the function, the different brand according to different people, this is just a kind of consumption concept and status symbol. Mr 'anwar bathroom group head of 'bian said. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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