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Nothing than kitchen culture can make ambry brand stand firm

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
Nothing more than the kitchen culture can make ambry brand stand firm in the network published in cleaning: 2011 - 11 - 07 household enterprise if there are industrial capital can better and faster to achieve industrialization, optimize the allocation of resources and greatly improve the production efficiency; If you have commercial capital can rapidly in the downstream flow field 'turf', occupy absolute advantage; Even decorate team if use good design personnel and decorate personnel to cooperate, can also improve the quality of the decoration and efficiency through the accumulation of experience said the boss. Tried to jump up out of the industry too many links be boss are willing to choose to be selected. However, no matter how fierce competition in the industry chain, consumers are not buying it is a kind of mode, especially for Chinese consumer loyalty is very low, so many companies want to seize the opportunity, not in the time of shuffling, eliminate war into the bottom of the food chain. How to do? Eager to spell capital? Spell merchant circle? Still? In the 'war' period, but also bad broken theory is a kind of method. But the author thinks that there is always a way to step by step, gradually can be looked up to the top of the fresh air, always don't forget that a tenet: do consumers like, solve the problem of consumer demand. Especially for the cabinet industry, discussion, or must begin from kitchen life culture, and what is the kitchen life culture, the author thinks that can be summed up in two aspects: a healthy diet, and family feelings, however the ambry product research and development, change a new, or evolution, are inseparable from the two aspects. Saying, where someone, there is a river's lake; The author thinks that, some places there is culture. An individual is not only the carrier of a culture, when a piece of other individuals, in a period of time, environment, if there are good at the writers recorded their stories, a kind of culture is reflected in the literary works. When the countries' reform and opening up in the field of culture as a policy, I felt a joy, although this policy has just put on the table before long, but you can see in recent years has been going on, now just want to be thorough, the popularity of the more widespread, so the author can relief the underground a conclusion: to find and good care for you and the culture of the zhou, no longer for others great intellect, talent, talent and the performance of the work nearly as well. 'reform and opening up in the field of culture, can be seen from the Chinese films of recent years. The author in recent years, from think to enjoy many excellent works of literature and art, also for some works try to put away their prejudices as looked, although look after go back, because of cultural diversity, pluralism, the dregs in there you may be the essence, its performance for a while as an angel for a while behaving like the devil, no matter how in the world there is a reasonably, together with its unique existence value. 'reform and opening up in the field of culture, has nothing to do with what China wants to be a cultural big country, the author thinks that the same is the problem in promoting integration of human, if only the lack of some literary talent outstanding workers, you can't in other ways to find themselves, and the whole body, is approved by you, appreciate even lift culture, is very bad for you. Not only that, people should be even to Chou Chou, others in the distance, see not seen unheard of culture, can be scoffed at, even scold, but also can avoid suffering from cursing even smear. The author inadvertently hazard theory, such a policy say more are very 'theoretical', or tell me something about the practical application. When can our cabinet products at any time to listen to the consumer's daily diet? Whether can do for consumers a healthy diet guide? The cultural carrier can provide these things? Or, just provide a written by consumers themselves of a healthy diet platform, can monitor everyday and learn how to let oneself in the greater the pressure, the greater the change of strain in the busy life, still have a healthy body to deal with. Furthermore, a cabinet products, it is again beautiful, light myself can promote the relationship between family members, what's the point? When can you like Johnson & Johnson 'to love' truly concerned about human health of body and mind? Like ikea, each a product with a note from 'the talk', let the consumer deeply; Even, opened in the target population of timeliness, with seasonal characteristics and geographic features, concerned about consumers' health of body and mind bookstore ( Work that is from the consumers themselves daily writing typical diet and emotional record) Rather than a memorial museum. Otherwise, the more upscale more tasteful cabinets are ice, in the family relationship can only were abandoned, as some culture in general, let consumers' slavishly dependent '. In the fickleness of white-hot competition, only culture might temporarily buried or ignored, but it can help the strong enterprise stronger and weak companies looked up. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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