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The small profit era of ceramic sanitary ware home products

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
Ceramic sanitary ware sanitary ware, published in the household products are small profit era, 2011 - 11 - 07 with the constant improvement of the labor cost, the cost of raw materials, household market competition also gradually heating up. In 2011, many in the industry asserts, household industry will enter a meager profit era, manufacturers and agents of the profit will be less and less. Most of household industry, however, is not a price sale, low discount or bargain a lot of household products for consumers to question, home is a small profit or profiteering products? To this, the personage inside course of study says, household products is' non-standard products, but the mass product price will be more and more transparent, thus entered the small profit era; And personalized product due to increased artificial and design costs, price or will continue to rise. Consumer: don't know the market has been slaughtered? Recently, the reporter visited music from the furniture city, China ceramics city furniture store and found that most of the furniture is not priced sales, although there are priced and ceramic sanitary ware, but also can greatly to bargain. In music from the furniture city, a field to the couple took a fancy to a set of price is 98880 yuan of whole sitting room furniture, shoppers told a maximum of 8 discount, the couple to 7 fold buy finally. And accordingly guide in stores, according to their general products for customers from other cities, would have had a slightly higher price, 'is the best price of 7 fold the left and right sides, for the local or knowledgeable customers, 5 discount sale. 'at the same time, according to the environment, some knowledgeable customer the lowest ever to clinch a deal price 3 fold,' can be sold at a low price, mainly to see if the customer know. For foreign customers, even if only 8 discount, also cheaper than their local products. 'and reporter recently visited chaozhou understands one floor store, the store will be a large group, and group purchase minimum to 5 fold. Sign up to participate in the group of miss tang, said the group purchase can enjoy such a large discount nature is very good, but she also questioned, 'group buying even 5 fold, businesses must also can earn, so only discount discount at ordinary times, not for profiteering merchants! 'businesses: furniture profit only 4%? And consumers for wonder than household industry for profiteering industry, most of the personage inside course of study thinks furniture industry has entered the small profit era. Shunde furniture LTD said should be jun, director of the office, the furniture industry has 20% of the profits era has been in the past, the current general furnisher of profit is only 4%. Should be jun said, at present the furniture raw material and labor cost rise rapidly, and a furniture market competition is quite large, profiteering era are long gone. Chaozhou ceramic industry association secretary-general irmtraud fessen-henjes also think, as the raw material cost increase sharply under inflation, the voice of the ceramic product price increases, the 'but at the moment, who also dare not easily to raise price, this year has been the past almost five months not seen substantial price increases, profit margins shrinking. 'dongpeng ceramic group marketing manager Ma Junwu argues that' furniture industry only 4% profit this data is not credible, this should be part of the extensive enterprise data, does not represent all of the enterprise. 'while Feng Bin gray shi wei yu, deputy general manager, said the bathroom industry is now entering the small profit era. For household product price transparency, Feng Bin thinks, 'there is no standard household industry, more no unified price. However, as the competition heats up and industry development is increasingly mature, the price of the furniture industry will be more and more transparent, the profit will be less and less. 'association: individualized product price will be higher since the household is belong to the non-standard products, the price of it and how transparent? Whether in a transparent and then simply does not exist profiteering? Chaozhou furniture industry association deputy secretary-general hong-bin gao said: 'as for furniture, divided into the public products and personalized products. Mass product sheet as some kind of furniture, need which raw materials are certain, and the prices of the raw material is relatively transparent. The price of this kind of popular furniture in the future will be more and more transparent, profit space is relatively narrow, mainly sales; Another kind is the personalized products, such as custom class furniture, artificial cost has increased a lot and design costs, these costs are not standardized, the price of the product cannot be fully transparent. 'hong-bin gao thinks, high value-added products because of its uniqueness will continue to popularity, price and profit margins may also continue to rise. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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