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'Treatment' ambry hardware brand condition should be 'suit the remedy to the case'

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
'Treatment' brand of ambry hardware condition should be published in 'suit the remedy to the case' jie network: 2011 - 11 - 07 hardware market capacity is very large in our country, not only domestic hardware brand, with many international big companies also took a fancy to China hardware market prospects, have entered the Chinese market. Two big domestic ambry exhibition are showing the powerful vitality and cabinet hardware can excavate, the ambry of popular intelligent or ambry function is inseparable from the unique design of ambry hardware accessories. Can say hardware accessories brand with their novel structures and unique design and stable quality slowly walk into homes. In the consumption trend of personalized and diversified, 'one size fits all' approach has won't work, in the hardware industry, middle, high, low-end consumer market, have different requirements for products. For the hardware companies actively seek more market, the implementation of multi-brand strategy, is undoubtedly expand market share a great tool. Ambry hardware fittings need to formulate corresponding brand strategy consumer market has the branch of middle, high, low, according to different individual consumer market demand, the ambry hardware accessories brand, formulate specific brand strategy, more conducive to market segment, include more consumers, make the brand image in consumers' mind more clear, focused, is advantageous to the enterprise brand from 'in' to 'the public well-known. Correct understanding of multi-brand strategy in the brand crisis situations, such as a corporate brand appear quality problem, so its many categories of products will be affected. From the perspective of brand operation, brand is the best. Above all, multi-brand strategy has great advantage: win more consumers, highlight the brand competitiveness. But it is important to note that the multi-brand strategy also has certain risk, make the hardware enterprise easy to cause confusion, an, poor management will be dragged down the enterprise. Because many brand is hard to remember, let more consumers tend to be the same brand but be mistaken for another company QiYeMing, these are all there. Combined with the current market of counterfeit and fake serious, enterprise legal awareness is very weak, multi-brand strategy will bring a more imitation of counterfeit risk, at the same time give hardware enterprise intellectual property battle put forward higher requirements. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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