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Two hundred and seventy thousand only ceramic cup exit the London Olympic Games

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
Two hundred and seventy thousand ceramic cup exit only published in London Olympics wei yu: 2011 - 11 - 07 from jinan yishen ceramic gifts co. , LTD. , production of 270000 7 total value. 80000 dollars of ceramic cup, as goods for 2012 Olympic Games in London, on October 27 the nikkei jinan completed inspection, the inspection and quarantine export UK smoothly. It is understood that the ceramic cup is signed with locog export enterprises of 4 million only part of the ceramic cup order, the rest of the products will be delivered in production before the end of march. At the same time, and the number of orders in the national ceramic cup exports the most amount of single orders. The London 2012 Olympics one-year countdown 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony will be held on July 27, 2012, on July 27, 2011, is a important Olympic Games countdown 1 anniversary of distance. State general administration of sports bureau chief, liu peng, chairman of the Chinese Olympic committee was invited to attend the 2012 Olympic Games one-year countdown. In London on July 27, local time at 7 PM in the London Olympic Games one-year countdown celebrations, the international Olympic committee (ioc) President Jacques rogge, the city of London mayor Boris Johnson, the organizing committee chairman Sebastian will attend and will successively speech, will be a formal invitation to the world, after a year in London. One-year countdown celebrations will take place in Trafalgar Square, where planted a countdown clock. Looking forward to the arrival of the next summer in London. Almost completed venues construction at present, and also draws to a close, the preparatory work of London will be to ensure that the people all over the world can have a good feeling in London. ', 'a year of time, it is safe to say that London London's ready to welcome people all over the world. 'at the 2012 London Olympic Games mascots of the Olympic Games mascot wen Locke ( 文洛克) From mackey, Locke ( 文洛克) ShiLuoPu hill village. There, once held the text lok oren peak games, and the ancient games is the father of the modern Olympic Games coubertin creating one of source of inspiration for the modern Olympics: in the 19th century, coubertin was invited to go there to watch Locke games, Pierre DE coubertin big inspired by wen Locke's game, and founded the modern Olympic movement. To date, Locke held the game is still in. Therefore, in honor of the rock in the Olympic Games, the London games will decide the mascot named 'wen Locke' ( 文洛克) 。 On the head of the mascot and yellow mark. Allegedly, this is from the iconic London taxi. And wen Locke on Olympic friendship bracelets. Their big eyes in fact and photographic function, purpose is a witness they every been to the place and saw. London Olympic Games organizing committee chairman Sebastian said the mascot is a creation for children, they will put the children and sports relates in together, let people cited as proud of the Olympic Games story. Wen Locke will help the children healthy growth. London Olympic and paralympic games mascot is full of imagination, super rich modern feeling, and they contain meanings behind also let people see the London international Olympic Games for the Olympic Games of the tournament respect and longings. The 2012 London Olympic Games mascots [ - - Finish the full - - ]
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