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Wei yu is the new national standard implementation of first water-saving closestool is a way

by:Meizhi      2020-12-29
Bathroom have new gb implementation of first water-saving toilet bathroom published in: 2011 - 10 - 24 July this year, the new national standard of ceramic sanitary ware industry started, the new standard for water-saving toilet average water consumption is a clear stipulation: urinal average water use no more than 3 liters, implement the average water consumption is less than 6 liters, squatting pan average water use no more than 8 litres, does not conform to the compulsory standards will not be allowed to sell the product. New gb implementation for a month, the market situation? The reporter while on a patrol in the furniture store, display of water-saving toilet (in the market The 'toilet') Identified water can basically satisfy the requirement of less than 6 liters, have even on market only 3 parts water. 5 liters of super water-saving toilet. But reporters also found at the same time, water-saving toilet traps on the market, part of the so-called water-saving toilet, in fact is a large waste of water. Water-saving closestool popular reporter found in tour field, the displacement of more than 6 litres of basic have withdrawn from the market in the toilet, toilet under 6 and 6 litres became the mainstream of the market. The toilet water in 3. Between 45 to 6 litres, and some of the two flush toilet, its low flush at about 3 liters of water? 吗? 吗? Is the identity of the product water, to comply with the requirements of the new gb mostly. The water saving product is very popular with the market at present. Because water in hot summer as many cities are faced with the problem, and the related data according to the survey, toilet water use accounts for 60% to 70% of household water, including flushing toilet water conservation, become more than a third of the total water consumption of life, reduce the flush toilet is very important to save water, and water price has raised speculation, the water saving toilet on market so popular with the market. Fee issue is in the water, however, is like this water consumption is less than 6 liters of water-saving closestool, but may become waste water of large family! For the simple reason that some used per flush toilet water quantity is less, a blunt not clean, however, requires repeated two or three times, rinse water naturally becomes a waste of water. Dongpeng sanitary ware group the relevant person in charge of the hai-yun li told reporters that choose the toilet cannot see its nominal light water, small dosage of toilet if a blunt not clean, the waste water is also more, so be comprehensive rinse rate and the change rate of water and other indicators to measure the indexes of implement rinse effect. What are the factors affecting the toilet water eventually? Hai-yun li told reporters that a configuration, the toilet water pipeline design and ceramic glaze three aspects are more technical content, also is easier to show the product difference. 'Is in the same 4 litres of water to calculate, if some water for 2 seconds to let all out, but some water with 0. 7 seconds can let the water out, that is, of course, 0. 7 seconds of water makes the water flow more rapidly, wash ability is stronger. And the drain valve of the larger diameter can achieve rapid drainage effect. On the market a lot of toilet water valve only 2 inches in diameter, and the diameter of the series product of 3 inches and 4 inches respectively, is equal to the moment capacity of 2 2 inches products. 25 times and 4 times. 'East of hai-yun li peng Oscar series toilet, for example, told reporters. The second factor is the toilet pipes. 'Everyone knows that pipeline crude sewage better more, so, 48 mm above the drainage pipe diameter, of course, is better than conventional of 42 mm in diameter, but at the bottom of the toilet so cramped space, to keep the pipeline fluid, to keep enough water seal height in order to avoid the stench spillover, the technical content is not small. 'The third factor is the ceramic glaze, some small brands of products pipeline in the inside of the toilet is not glazing, some even glazing did not choose good glaze or process does not pass, this toilet, of course, it is not easy to clean. In addition to influence water effect, if toilet glaze is not smooth, also easy to hide scale stunk, produce mildew spot, affect the service life of the toilet, also have a negative impact on the user's health. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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