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What are main products for Meizhi Ceramics to export?
Chaoan Meizhi Ceramics Co., Limited. hopes that all our products are eligible for export. We evaluate customers' countries and modify the specifications of the all in one toilet to match the standards of the target market. In order to successfully market our products on the international market, we have achieved flexibility to achieve a degree of adaptability and localization of our products. These products for export have been adapted in a number of ways to meet the needs of new markets.

As a leading modern toilet manufacturer in China, Meizhi Ceramics highly values the importance of the quality. The types of toilet series is widely praised by customers. The development of Meizhi CeramicsBlack art basin is innovative. It is carried out by our professional team who try to provide innovative appliances with energy conservation and efficiency principle in mind. The product has a glazed and smooth surface, ensuring a high level of cleanability. Meizhi Ceramics has passed ISO9001 quality certification and established a perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service system. Its water absorptivity is less than 0.2%, guaranteeing good waterproof performance.

Our ambition is to take part in securing a continuous development in the industry that has to be capable of both, appreciating quality as well as encouraging innovation.
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