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What brand of good quality engineering toilet? How to choose and buy?

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
What brand of good quality engineering toilet? How to choose and buy? Published in wei yu: 2015 12 - 21 what brand good quality engineering toilet? Toilet explosion is common in recent years, the toilet for our daily necessities, quality problem must be taken seriously. The author hereby to bring engineering toilet buying small kits, secure and comfortable toilet more comfortable. All kinds of humanized function to the toilet himself comfortable. After years of development, intelligent implement from the original smart cover plate, was born the one-piece slowly, no water tank, and even a variety of types such as suspended type. So, what is the difference between them? How to choose a suitable for their own intelligent toilet? The author to say it. Step 1: choose smart cover plate combination 'fission, one-piece, no water tank' is too complicated? The original intelligent toilet is split type, separate toilet and the toilet cover, a lot of families is afterwards to match a smart cover plate is the case. Split type of smart toilet advantage is cover plate is broken easily replaced, flat price is cheaper, the disadvantage is that should pay attention to when buying and the size of the toilet, and used the toilet seat and collocation of different brands may not be very harmonious. So the engineering price and quality is our primary concern when the choose and buy closestool. Step 2: choose the way to flush 'strong fall type v siphon type' who ran much more clean? As a high quality intelligent toilet, can effectively quickly wash away the dirt is everybody's most concerned about a bit, in addition the noise is small, do not splash water and experience with important aspects. The toilet flush way currently on the market has a strong fall type and siphon type two kinds. Strong fall type is widely used in European countries, and siphon type is widely used by countries in southeast Asia and the United States. Strong fall type, drainage pipe diameter is coarser, use water momentum to exclude dirt. Advantage is easy down large dirt, the disadvantage is that in order to make the water concentration, ChiXinCun water area is lesser, prone to fouling phenomenon, but also produce large noise. Siphon type, drainage pipe show '∽' model, after the drainage pipe filled with water will produce certain water level difference, borrow inside the toilet flushing water drainage tube produced by suction will poop row away. Advantage is flush the noise is small, easy to flush out dirt on the surface of the adhesion in the toilet. Defect is less coarse drainage pipe diameter, toilet paper is much easier to jam. Siphon type also siphon jet and vortex type. Siphon jet increased injection deputy way at the bottom of the toilet inside, aimed at the center of the drainage outlet, flush, part of water flowed from then circle cloth around the hole, part of jet mouth, thus has the greater the current momentum. A way vortex is relatively new, strong water flow along the wall when the vortex formation, this will increase the intensity of water washing the walls of the pool, also increases the suction of the siphon effect, more conducive to the toilet visceral things out. Small time advice: if you are pursuing flush effect, and water-saving effect, can choose strong fall type. If you care about these problems, noise or select siphon type. Step 3: choose basic functions VS personalized? What brand of good quality engineering toilet? Now the function of the intelligent toilet basically has size spraying, drying, deodorant, heating, etc. , some brand also introduced automatic induction, and functions of entertainment, so on the many functions, consumers how to choose? The authors suggest that though the pursuit of personalization is the development direction of intelligent closestool, but for home use, guarantee the basic functions used is the key. When the choose and buy, should first focuses on the toilet water, heating and other basic function of intelligence. Winter arrived, if rushed out when using automatic flush function is cool, I'm afraid who will be a surprise. So when the choose and buy can also look at the toilet of the heating system. Many big brands commonly used thermal heating system, as long as there is water in the home can be used infinitely, namely is hot. At the same time, also to avoid the traditional heat storage type toilet water bacteria, leading to the risk of human infections. Step 4: view glaze is bright and clean like new decision? Toilet glaze quality how to determine whether the toilet hang dirty easily, and the use of life. Engineering toilet good quality brand, in the drainage pipe is glazing, flush more smoothly. The authors suggest that when the choice, the key is to examine bibulous rate, bibulous rate is lower, the better. If bibulous rate is high, it is easy to dirt and odor inhaled ceramic water over time tends to not remove the peculiar smell. Can ever touch ceramic surface uneven, eye view have the eye of a needle, spots, short of glaze, and so on and so forth. Can also be water droplets on the glaze, a period of time to find out the condition of the water. What brand of good quality engineering toilet? Choose intelligent toilet before, should pay attention to? 1. Better be dry wet depart between bath, excessive moisture will influence on the performance of the intelligent components used. 2. Don't let the noise of the toilet when bathing come into contact with a lot of water. 3. Mirror installed between wei yu such as toilet is too close, can lead to excessive induction. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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