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What happened in the smart bathroom circle in 2017?

by:Meizhi      2021-03-17
The Internet is sweeping everything, and traditional industries including the sanitary ware industry are also taking advantage of the power or empowerment of the Internet or overtaking in corners. At the 2017 World Internet Conference, the big guys were all talking about the same thing-artificial intelligence. Ma Yun said: In the past 30 years, people will be turned into machines, and machines will be turned into people in the next 30 years. And Robin Li claimed that AI is comparable to the Industrial Revolution, and Baidu wants All
in all. Sanitary ware is a relatively 'slowly hot' industry. However, in the context of accelerating the upgrading of consumer demand, products such as smart toilets, smart shower rooms, and smart showers have appeared one after another, and the upsurge of intelligent sanitary ware is gradually heating up. Recently, reviewed the smart bathroom circle in 2017, and exclusively organized this big bathroom event. Let's look at it together: Bathroom intelligence should look at the smart toilet 1. The first sound of 2017: Smart toilet product quality attack plan The highest specification meeting of the intelligent toilet industry-the national smart toilet product quality attack plan, on February 23 in Taizhou Officially launched. Zhi Shuping, director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, visited the scene in person. Zhejiang Provincial government officials, experts in the field of smart toilet industry, and representatives of smart toilet companies attended the event. Zhi Shuping emphasized the need to be specific and specific, starting from organizing quality research, improving quality standards, strengthening quality management, building quality brands, and effectively enhancing consumers' sense of quality. 2. The new national standard for smart sanitary ware is promulgated. On October 14, 2017, on World Standards Day, the National Standards Committee approved and issued the 'Sanitary Ware
Smart Toilet 'National Standard (GB/T
34549-2017) (National Standard Announcement of the People's Republic of China, No. 26 of 2017), this national standard will be implemented on September 1, 2018. The standard review lasted for four years, and the final word was finally heard this year. The approval and release of this standard will provide strong support for the healthy development of the smart toilet industry, further standardize the production of smart toilets, improve product quality, and promote the overall improvement of the quality of my country's building and sanitary ceramics industry. 3. 'The wolf is comingSmart toilet lid. Push the topic of smart toilet lid to the forefront again. This time Xiaomi and Jardine's foray into the smart toilet seat, whether it can stir up the competitive landscape of traditional smart toilet companies, accelerate the pace of the smart toilet industry to embrace the 'InternetA gathering of talents, Smart Bathroom Summit Forum On the afternoon of May 17, 2017 China Smart Bathroom Industry Development Summit Forum was grandly held in Taizhou International Hotel. With the theme of “winning by quality, perseverance with quality”, the summit focused on key points such as quality, standards, research and development, and services, discussed the current development of China's smart bathroom industry, and jointly explored the realistic path to the future of smart toilets. Intelligent manufacturing, innovation is the first productive force. This year, major sanitary ware companies are actively developing intelligent manufacturing. Well-known companies including Jiumu, Hengjie, Huida, Dongpeng, and Lehua have announced their investment in new smart production projects. In December alone, three companies with core positions in the industry have successively reported the construction of intelligent bases. On December 1, the groundbreaking ceremony of Jiumu Smart Industrial Park was held in Shishi City. Jiumu intends to invest 2.2 billion yuan to build a smart industrial park and build an industry-leading Industry 4.0 smart cloud factory based on big data. On December 19, Dongpeng (Yongchuan) Smart Home Creative Industry Park project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Chongqing; on December 19, Huida Sanitary Ware announced that the company and Chongqing Rongchang District People’s Government had signed a 'Letter of Intent for Project Investment' , It is planned to invest 1.5 billion yuan to build Huida Bathroom Smart Home Industrial Park in Rongchang District. Manufacturing is the foundation of the sanitary ware industry and the future of China's economy. In recent years, my country’s major enterprises have comprehensively promoted intelligent manufacturing, using informatization, industrialization, automation, and intelligent production methods to carry out all-round intelligent transformation and upgrading, which will create a high-end, intelligent, customized, and humane industry ecology in the future. It will certainly play a positive role in promoting. In 2017, it started with the national plan for the quality of smart toilet products. Throughout the year, the quality, standards, and smart manufacturing of smart bathrooms cannot be avoided. With the goal of improving quality, leading by standards, under the background of practicing smart manufacturing with innovation and core, adhere to the reform of the supply side structure, and provide consumers with better, smarter, and more “know-you” smart products. In the past, the Chinese government, sanitary ware associations, enterprises, and the media are working hard.
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