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Whole wei yu to defend tide potential enterprise how to take that

by:Meizhi      2020-12-30
Whole wei yu to defend tide potential enterprise how to network published in cleaning: take 2011 - 11 - 07 wei yu the overall design is a trend, you sell only a sanitary ware, it is very difficult to control for other products, just mentioned a source of design inspiration, and importantly, the household sector, we are known as one of the fashion, architecture, as well as restaurants and cafes overall call fashion industry abroad, that defend bath also comes from the fashion industry, and found some primary colors, are designers of wei yu is introduced into the family inside, from the style of business, including last year I won the first prize in the sole village in Thailand have a characteristic. Often is the designer of the commercial design more halfback, more seek breakthrough, after the breakthrough in this place, he element is introduced into the family, this is one of the source of the design. A: two misunderstandings misunderstanding of integral wei yu that one would think that have a toilet, wash basin, bath crock is whole wei yu. People are used to buy individual bathroom products from a wide variety of household city --, sit lavatory and basin in the United States, Germany's leading the ceramic tile of the bath crock of flower is aspersed, Italy, Japan, China's bath ark but Chinese and western how to coordinate, classical and modern how is unified, only one color, or three? Renovated between the wei yu that there are so many not harmonious. This bath can only be called 'single product together. The myth: 'plastic box originated in Japan. It's an image of the metaphor, the Japanese living environment is very crowded, all sanitary facilities must be placed within one or two square meters of narrow space, so the so-called plastic moulded whole wei yu, its overall mainly lies in its moulded chassis as a whole, has the function of waterproof and leakage. The characteristics of its low cost, can be a large number of copy to make it more for aircraft and hotel decoration, the individual is limited by the wei yu, also not exactly in the true sense of the whole wei yu. A new whole wei yu the coming of the era of the 21st century China is a big companies all over the world are pegged to the market, there is no denying that the mainstream position of European design in the world. Notice to build high-end sanitary ware brand in the wei yu that people experience as the leading way of life, rather than simply selling products, different styles of things simple listed together, not suitable for people's aesthetic taste. Whole wei yu bo luoni's chief design, Italian designer Reno g tower for more than a dozen European enterprises to do design, he always insist on any single product design must blend in a style to unite the whole environment, or designers want to express some kind of mood will be gone in the other elements of conflict. This includes top, ground, personalized design and construction of the wall and integrate all the product that defend bath solution, is the new time of whole wei yu wei yu, in the market has a more robust and more durable vitality. ( - - Finish the full - - ]
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