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Why does the sanitary ware industry usher in new opportunities and new developments in 2018?

by:Meizhi      2021-03-17
As an indispensable part of the home space, the bathroom has attracted more and more attention from consumers. In 2017, the economic benefits of the sanitary ware industry were slightly better than last year, and the quality and efficiency of the industry's brand enterprises were also significantly improved. The growth rate and profit rate of a group of outstanding leading enterprises were much higher than the industry average. Third- and fourth-tier cities have great potential. Sanitary ware market channels are sinking. At present, my country's urbanization rate has exceeded 50%. In the process of urbanization, consumers' demand for sanitary products is also increasing. The National Bureau of Statistics predicts that every 1 percentage point increase in my country's urbanization rate will drive 7 trillion yuan in market demand. With fierce competition in channel sanitary ware brands in first- and second-tier cities and excess channel resources, consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities have continuously increased their purchasing power, attracting various sanitary ware brands to test the water, and the sinking of sanitary ware market sales channels has become an inevitable trend. Consumption upgrades. Smart sanitary wares are popular. According to forecasts, my country's smart manufacturing industry is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan in 2020. In recent years, the development of smart homes has been extremely rapid. According to the data of the 'Report on Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning of China's Smart Home Equipment IndustryAs a part of smart home, smart bathroom is currently in a period of rapid growth. In recent years, smart bathroom products represented by smart toilets, smart shower rooms, smart showers, smart bathroom mirrors, etc., are becoming more and more consumers chasing objects. Smart sanitary ware has become an important direction for the development of the sanitary ware industry, especially the smart toilet industry that the state pays attention to, and it has become a window for China's manufacturing and China's intelligent manufacturing. In the new retail era, sanitary ware companies are racing to touch the Internet. According to CNNIC's latest 'Statistical Report on China's Internet Development StatusThe number of mobile Internet users reached 724 million, and the proportion of people using mobile phones to access the Internet reached 96.3%. The consumption upgrade characteristics of the online shopping market have further emerged, and user preferences have gradually shifted to quality, intelligence, and new product consumption. At the same time, online and offline integration has expanded to data, technology, scenarios and other fields, and the huge user data resources accumulated by various platforms have been further valued.
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